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Applying to be a Member

Volunteer Roles:

We have volunteers helping in many diverse roles within our organisation, some examples are:
  • Instructors
    • Bushcraft
    • Risk Management
    • and more...
  • Youth Volunteer (14-17 years)
  • Mentors
  • Assessors
  • Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey Shadows
  • Admin Assistants
  • Volunteer Support Members (not instructing)
  • Website Contributors
  • Committee
  • Branch Officials
  • ...and many more...

An OTNZ Instructor Member may:
  • Instruct on courses for the public, either organised by an OTNZ branch or at a Regional or National level
  • Instruct on courses run in conjunction with a specific organisation or community group(s)
  • Make presentations to community groups such as tramping clubs, youth organisations and schools
  • Promote and encourage safe practices in outdoor activities through participating in community events
  • Be involved in training other volunteer instructors
  • Become an assessor for industry standard recognised qualifications
  • and more...
An OTNZ Supporter Member role may include:
  • Support person, promotion, cook, etc.
  • Attend branch meetings
  • Act as an Assistant Instructor on a course UNDER THE DIRECT SUPERVISION (that is, in the immediate presence) of a fully qualified Instructor
Either a Police Vet through OTNZ OR a recent Criminal Conviction History Report is required for admin roles which involve:
  • bookkeeping, bank signatory, handling more than an insignificant amount of money or similar
  • access to youth member or participant contact information

Becoming a Volunteer:
We have established an acceptance and training pathway for our volunteers.
  • Applicants must have an interest in maintaining safety in the outdoors.
  • Applicants must be at least 17 years old, or 14+ years old for the youth section.
  • There is a police vetting procedure for applicants for all member roles (instructional, volunteer support, and even including office support). Some of the participants on our courses are minors and thus as an organisation we are providing instruction to minors and are also handling the personal information of minors.
    • This is repeated each revalidation cycle (3 years).
  • In addition instructors, assistant instructors and youth members must:
    • Maintain a current First Aid Certificate.
    • Maintain a current logbook of personal and leadership outdoor experience.
    • Participate in the revalidation process every 3 years
Our aim is to provide FREE personal training and qualification pathways for members. Members are expected to participate in volunteer activities to retain their eligibility for this.

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Benefits for Members

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Application Process
Application Process Notes
All Applications

Including applicants with other existing relevant prior learning / qualifications
Applicants with expired Warrants will need to go through a reaffirmation / revalidation process.

Applicants with some current warrants may be able to instruct under these until the warrants expire.

OTNZ does not have access to records from other organisations, so will require verification of documents for our records.

Our Admin Volunteers will be available at all stages to guide and assist you through the process of validating your Application as smoothly and quickly as possible.

During the Validation Process applicants will be referred to as "Probationary Members".
  • Police Vetting Check
  • Reference(s) from other(s) involved in
    • Outdoor Recreation or
    • Voluntary Organisation or Youth Group or
    • an OTNZ member
  • Verification of Birth Certificate / Passport
  • Verification of one of the following: Drivers Licence, Community Services Card, Firearms Licence, 18+ card, or other similar ID for Youth Members
  • Acceptance of Member Terms and Conditions
  • Acceptance by OTNZ Branch / National Office
  • Supply photo for ID Card
Applicants to assist in
Admin or
other Support Roles or
Youth Members
Applicants for Instructing Roles (18+ yrs old)
  • Verification of First Aid Certificates, technical or teaching qualifications, and other relevant prior learning
  • Logbook or CV showing showing outdoor experience
  • Skills Active Training Agreement form
Validated Member

Entitling Instructing Members to specialise in one or more disciplines of: Bushcraft, Above Bushline, Outdoor Emergency Management, Risk Management, Instructor Training and Assessment.
Ongoing Personal Development

ALL Members will be able (and are encouraged) to advance their personal skills through training (and recognition of other relevant learning).
Volunteer Support Member (non-instructing)
(eg. Admin, Publicity, Support Services)
Outdoor Leader

Outdoor Instructor
(similar to Bush1)
Outdoor Advanced Instructor Level 2
(similar to Bush2)
The Outdoor Instructor and the Outdoor Advanced Instructor Level 2 will be similar to BUSH1 and BUSH2.
Outdoor Skills Assessor
or Moderator

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Member Terms and Conditions

For Member Terms and Conditions please click here

OTNZ Privacy Statement

For OTNZ Privacy Statement please click here

OTNZ Rules (Constitution)

For OTNZ Rules (Constitution) please click here

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